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Books edited by Vat Phou

List of books edited by Vat Phou / FSP / EFEO :

All of this books are available at the museum of Vat Phou and Monument Books shops (Vientiane, Luang-Prabang-Pakse)

livre1   livre2

Museum collections of Vat Phou - (Francais - English)

   Guide book about Vat Phou  ( Francais - English) 
 livre3   Livre4
 Autour de Vat Phou - Exploration et recherches (francais)    Les fouilles de Vat Phou - (Francais - Lao)
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3rd Steering Committee

3rd Steering Committee of FSP 2013-24 and PADUC/AFD

Unveiling Monument

Restoration by Lao-French Cooperation

Smoke Free Area

WHO supports World Heritage Sites to go smoke-free


Guide book, history, explorations and research at Vat Phou and around

Vat Phou Master Plan 2016

Champasak Cultural Landscape Master Plan 2016

Scientific seminar Vat Phou - June 2017

Seminar on recent archaeological discoveries in the region of Vat Phou and Southern Laos

New Transportation service

Mini-van between Champasak and Pakse every day

Map Vat Phou and Around - Pierre Pichard - EFEO - 1992