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Festival of Vat That
It takes place twice a year: in November (coincide with the festival of the That Luang in Vientiane)  and in May.

Festival of the dugouts to Champasak – Boat racing
It takes place at the end of October (On 2010, 22th October).The races take place on the Mekong river and dugouts representing villages confront. The long dugouts of temples are prepared and used for this event. The meaning of this festival is to thank the spirits of waters, Nagas, for being generous and peaceful.

Festival of Kathin
It takes place in November. Gifts are made by the villagers for temple and for monks.

Festival of Phavet
It takes place between November and May, lasts during 3 days and 2 nights.
This celebration takes place in memory of a very generous prince; who gave all the possessions to the needy persons. His father hunts him in the forest; but sometime later he has come back for the biggest pleasure of the people. During this period, the monks recite poems speaking about this story.


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