Vat Phu-Champasak-Laos

3rd Sterring Committee - May 2017 Print

3rd Steering Committee of FSP 2013-24 and PADUC/AFD
"Southern Lao Heritage & Champasak Urban Development"
Held on May 16, 2017
at the headquarters of the provincial government in Pakse


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Exhibition at Vat Phou - Dinan 2017 Print

Exhibition about Vat Phou at the Public Library of Dinan (french town) - From April 4th to July 1st 2017



This exhibition celebrates the 150th anniversary of the French exploration and research in Laos, especially in southern Laos. Dinan is the town where Auguste Pavie was born. 20 years ago, the city of Dinan commemorate the 150th anniversary of his birth. 


This year (2017), in order to celebrate also the 20 years of cooperation beetwen Champasak and Dinan, this exhibition is organised to enhance the close collaboration with France and Laos about the Vat Phou heritage and its surrondings.


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Vat phou Festival 2017 Print

Vat Phou Festival 2017 -

from 9 to 11, February.


Markets opening on 7th

Official Opening Ceremony on 9th- evening time

Offering to the monks on 11th, in the morning, near 7:00am

Canddles procession on 11th, in the evening, near 18:30pm




Parking Prices :    Cars - 60 000 kips       Motos : 20 000 kips

Free entrance to Vat Phou

150 years - restoration - Vat Phou Print
Celebration of the 150th anniversary of researches and explorations
 & unveiling of the monument restorationsupported by the Lao-French cooperation program

December, 9th 2016 - Vat Phou

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ICM- Vat Phou - 2016 Print
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3rd International Coordination Meeting of Vat Phou - Champasak World Heritage Site
- Friday January 29th, 2016 -

                                                                              LIST OF PARTICIPANTS



FRANCE Solidarity Priority Fund Project


  1. 1.Ms. Susana BABIGEON-DIAZ

Consultant, architect.

  1. 2.Mr. David BAZIN

Consultant, Information Technology

  1. 3.Mrs. Maric BEAUFEIST

Architect, French School of Asian Studies (EFEO), Paris

  1. 4.Mr. Jean-Charles CASTEL

Head of the French Priority Solidarity Fund

  1. 5.Ms. Christine HAWIXBROCK

Director, French School of Asian Studies (EFEO), Vientiane

  1. 6.Mr. Pierre PICHARD

EFEO Honorary architect, Bangkok

  1. 7.Mr. Bertrand PORTE

EFEO, Head of restoration unit, Nat. Museum of Cambodia

  1. 8.Mr. Christophe POTTIER

EFEO, Siem Rep Center, Cambodia

FRANCE French Development Agency Project


  1. 9.Ms. Isabelle MAGUEUR

Consultant, French Development Agency project



  1. 10.Mr. G. ELAN CHEZIAN

Conservation Engineer, Archeological Survey of India.

  1. 11.Mr. Kawal SINGH

Surveyor, Archeological Survey of India



  1. 12.Mrs. Rie ODAJIMA

Social Anthropologist, School of Letters, Waseda University



  1. 13.Mr. Kyunghwan BAEK

Architect, Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation

  1. 14.Mr. Bumhwan JEON

Int. Coop. Team  manager, Korea Cultural Heritage Found.

  1. 15.Mr. Hongseon JEONG

Archeologist, Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation

  1. 16.Ms. Soonyoung PARK

Archeologist, Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation



  1. 17.Mrs. Mala CHANTHALAM

Deputy director, Provincial Department of I.C.T.

  1. 18.Mr. Souban KANHAPHANH

Head of Public Relations and Museum Unit, WHSO

  1. 19.Mr. Khamkhan KENBOUTTA

Chief of Foreign Affairs Department, Champasak Province

  1. 20.Mr Savad KEOBANDID

President of the Champasak District Heritage Committee

  1. 21.Mr. Bounlap KEOKANGNA

Consultant, former vice-director of WHSO

  1. 22.Mr. Oudomsy KEOSAKSITH

Director of WHSO Vat Phou - Champasak

  1. 23.Mr. Tonglith LUANGKHOT

Head of Archaeological Division, Dept. of Heritage, MICT.

  1. 24.Mr. Somboun MASOUVANH

General Secret. of Lao National Commission for UNESCO

  1. 25.Mr. Amnath PHADY

Architect, Head of Archaeo. Prevent. & Restoration Unit

  1. 26.Mr. Vilasak PHONGSAWAT

Engineer, Urban Environment & Planning Unit

  1. 27.Mr. Amponh SENGPHACHANH

Vice-director in charge of Archaeo., Restor & Landscaping

  1. 28.Mrs. Thongdaeng SOMCHANMAVONE

Deputy General Secret. of Lao National Com. for UNESCO

  1. 29.Mr. Boualinh VONGPHACHANH

Vice-Governor, Champasak Province

  1. 30.Mr. Khamseng VONGSI

Head of Urban Environment and Landscaping Unit

  1. 31.Mr. Nophhalak VONGSOUTHI

Engineer, Head of Excavations and Rescue Archeology

  1. 32.Mr. Khamchanh XAYMONGKHOUNH

Vice-director in charge of Admin. Communicat. & Museum.

  1. 33.Mr. Khamtanh XOMPHANDONE

Governor of Champasak district



  1. 34.Mr. Anousone VONGPHRACHANH

Destination Marketing Coordinator, Swiss Constact,



  1. 35.Ms. Kamonrat CHAYAMARIT

UNESCO Liaison Officer, Vientiane

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Smoke-Free Area

Sights from Vat Phou

Hours & Admission

Open everyday:
8:00 am - 6:00 pm for the site
- 8:00 am 4:30 pm for the museum
(Ticket fee includes site entrance, museum entrance and electric car service.)

50 000 LAK

for Lao people: 20 000 LAK 


Possibility of visiting the site outside opening hours.
More details at: Hours & Admission.


This website has been produced within the framework  of French – Lao Cooperation Project: " Priority Solidarity Funds -  Vat Phou Champasak: Enhancement and development of the historical and cultural site".


Ministry of Information and Culture
Head Office of Heritage
Management Office of Vat Phou-Champasak





Ministry of Foreign Affairs
French Embassy in Laos
Cooperation and Culture Office