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What else to do in Champasak?
The city of Champasak consists of a set of villages, bordered by the Mekong on one side and by rice fields on the other. The city is demarcated by the Champasak mountain range, of which the Vat Phou sacred mountain is part.

You will find along one of the two parallel ways to the Mekong, towards the south in the direction of Vat Phou, colonial houses built in the beginning of the XXth century. Of particular interest is a wooden house, occupied by the Lerici Foundation, that illustrates well the Lao traditional architecture of the XIXth century.

The two Champasak princely houses, which can be seen along the road, after the roundabout towards the southern direction, still belong to the descendants of the royal family.

More recent traditional wooden houses give a good insight of the original local architecture, consisting of lambrequins (pelmets) and carved wooden decorations.

Numerous temples punctuate the road in the direction of Vat Phou. Vat Thong, the golden monastery, shelters funerary monuments and graves of the Champasak royal family, in particular of the last King of Champasak, Chao Ratsadanay (1946). Many have the shape of a high pillar surmounted by a lotus bud.

At Sisoumang, also towards the south, along the Mekong river, a big colorful Buddha (XVIIIth or XIXth century) resting between two trees looks towards the Mekong river.
Each guesthouse has its own restaurant, and you will find other restaurants along the road.
In the northern part of Champasak, at the Mekong's edge, you will find a spa, in a traditional Lao house, where you can experience traditional spa treatmentsusing 100% natural products (





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